"Strange and Paranormal Tales from Malacca"

 by Dennis De Witt 


The ancient port town of Malacca is an old town rich in history. Since the beginning of Malacca, its community was made up of a colorful potpourri of cultures and beliefs. The different communities have their own understanding of the powers of the supernatural. These stories have been present in Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British eras, up to modern times. There were accounts about hauntings, poltergeists, cryptozoology, giants, spirits, sorcery, witchcraft, shapeshifting creatures, simulacra, magical cures, strange phenomena, unusual human powers and other bizarre tales. 

" Strange and Paranormal Tales from Malacca" contains a collection of more than 60 strange and paranormal stories reported from past reports, news, accounts, statements and descriptions that were officially recorded in books, journals, articles and newspapers.

From a long ago time, in the early 15th century,  there already was a written account from Chinese records of the strange and paranormal witnessed in Malacca.

In modern times, between 1947 and the 1950s, Malacca seemed to be plagued with the problem of poltergeists. They are said to be spirits responsible for the act of objects being thrown about and for causing chaos in the unfortunate home.

There were reports of homes that have become haunted with spirits at Heeren Street, Ujong Pasir, Banda Hilir, Pengkalan Rama and Batu Berendam.

The most famous of the poltergeist activity reported was that of the stones throwing spirit at the home of an Indian family at Ujong Pasir. The activity went on for more than a month and huge crowds of people had gathered at the house every night to witness the strange event. Even the Resident Commissioner of Malacca, Mr George Evan Cameron Wisdom visited the house, and he was greeted by a stone thrown at him by the spirit.

And right now, in our days, the paranormal stories about haunted buildings, ghosts etc of Malacca are going on. This is not a Halloween fiction but the real experiences in Malacca. read more here.













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Dennis De Witt, a management consultant in Kuala Lumpur, is a 5th generation Dutch Eurasian originally from Malacca. He has a keen interest in subjects relating to the history of Malacca and Dutch influences in Malaysia.

Over the years, he has participated, spoken and presented papers in various academic, private and public seminars and events organized by the Malaysian National Archives, and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Malaysia, the Malacca Museums Corporation, the Institute of Occidental Studies at UKM, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and Universiti Teknologi MARA.

He also regularly conducts CTRE training for the Kuala Lumpur Tour Guides Association and speaks to the volunteers’ group at the National Museum. He has contributed articles for the Journal of Malaysian Biographies and written articles for various newspapers and magazines.

He has published several books, including ‘Reconnecting Through Our Roots’ (2006), ‘History of the Dutch in Malaysia’ (2007), ‘Melaka from the Top’ (2010), ‘Historical Tombstones and Graves at St Paul’s Hill Malacca’ (2016), and " Legends of the Secret Tunnels of Malacca". Read more here.

There is an interesting interview with the author of " Strange and  Paranormal Tales from Malacca" published by Nutmeg Books, its publisher here.


"Strange and Paranormal Tales from Malacca" is a nonfiction book that transports you into a realm that despite being very different from daily reality is  real as well. The realm where the reality is stranger than fiction. 












Flipping through its pages will be an unforgettable experience: 

Uncovering the unknown, mysterious and mystical side of reality; something that everyone benefits from knowing, the book is a must have in every library.

Enjoy your immersion into the otherworldly reality of the stories in " Strange and Paranormal Tales from Malacca".

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